About My Hometown Book

About My Hometown Book

Nestled somewhere between anywhere U.S.A. and just off the beaten path, is a place where family and community still matter, neighbors take care of each other, and your casserole being the talk of fellowship hall on Sunday is just as important as having a well-manicured front lawn.

“Nowheresville, U.S.A.” is the very definition of simple life at its finest, and with his debut book My Hometown, Jeffrey Kurtis takes you on a nostalgic road trip back to where he was raised – a place that will look familiar.

Meet the town’s most famous characters, hang out with childhood best friends Jimmy, Bobby, and Goo, and swing on down to the square and step inside Jack’s Hardware, Johnson’s Bakery, Millie’s Diner, Betty’s Hair Place, and Frank’s Barbershop.

And since y’all are in town, stop on by the house and get the life lessons you’ll only learn from mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles – the door’s unlocked, so just come on in when you get here.

Twist and turn through all the stories that seemed so small at the time but were the biggest teachers of old-fashioned morals and values - the same ones we carry with us today and need to teach the next generation all about!

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