Ham It Up

Ham It Up

The First Hunt With The Wife

The wife of an avid hunter decided to find out what all the excitement was about when it came to deer hunting, so she asked her husband to teach her.

The husband spent all summer teaching her to shoot and about the wily ways of the Whitetail deer.

Finally, "Opening Day" came around and the pair started off before first light.

The husband, flashlight in hand, escorted his wife to her hunting stand and told her that he would be about 300 yards away from her and if she shot a deer he would come running.

The husband had just reached his stand when he heard his wife shoot.

Since it was still too dark to see anything, he feared the worst and went running to his wife's location.

As he neared the location he heard his wife shouting, "IT'S MY DEER, I SHOT IT!!"

He heard a man reply "OK, Lady. Just let me get my saddle off of him."

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