Album Reviews

Delnora Reed - My Song

Reviewed by: Scott Sexton

There is a hidden gem in Nashville that deserves more recognition than she has ever received by the name of Delnora Reed. She has one of the prettiest voices in Music City and has finally released a new record titled, My Song. This is also the first song of the record and is awesome. She sings about her favorite songs and the way she likes them. "Good Intentions" is a personal favorite. All too often people have good intentions, but sometimes they turn out leading into bad directions. This is a great story song that really deserves a listen. "Stepping Stone" and "Smoke Screen & Mirrors" are both great tracks, but "Hot Air Balloon Ride" will stop you in your tracks. The mandolin in the beginning is so pretty and as soon as Delnora's voice starts it will catch you off guard. Listen, when I say this, it isn't meant to sound bad, it is great. Delnora's voice sort of turns into a soulful sound that if it was anyone else, it would be annoying, but it really works for her. You will hit repeat several times before moving on. It is about how some people get too big for their pants and Delnora has no problem busting their bubble. I love it. "Don't Borrow Trouble" and "Rhiannon" both deserve to be mentioned. While "Heartbeat" brings this record to a close, it is impossible not to beg for more. The piano introduction adds so much feeling to every note. Delnora's voice is so pure and you can hear the emotions with every word. Delnora Reed has been a great influence in Music City and is as raw as they come. It was with great pride to hear how far she has come over the years. After reviewing her albums for some time, it has been an honor to see her grow as an artist and with the results of My Song she has finally found her mark.