Album Reviews

Cole Washburn - Traveler's Moon EP

With the current mainstream country sound leaning heavy on influences from the pop and rock genres, the one thing that is missing from a majority of the songs that we are fed are lyrics that are full of emotion, full of heart, and crafted very poetically. For those types of songs you need to look to country music’s subgenres like folk or Americana. With his new EP Traveler’s Moon, Cole Washburn finds the perfect combination of all of the left of the mainstream dial aspects to put together his own unique brand of folk based music. Songs like “Anastasia” and the title track “Traveler’s Moon” are both great examples of who Washburn is as a singer/songwriter as both songs rest on simple acoustic instrumentation which forces him to deliver the song with his vocal ability and allow the lyrics to be the focus; lyrics that are deeper and have a strong foundation. Whereas those songs help to define him, songs like the piano based “Ol Will Brown” and the bluegrass tinged “Head Above Water” showcase the true talent that Washburn is as he leans outside of his norm and offers a different feel to the EP. The trick to balancing between different styles is to somehow pull them all together and make them work with one another which Cole Washburn has easily done. This is a strong EP that is built to satisfy those looking for stronger songs and performances that lean on more traditional based sounds.