Russell’s Barbeque


1621 Thatcher Avenue
Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Every week during the school year we would visit grandma and grandpa’s house for a dose of good ole home cookin’ like only grandma could whip up. During the summers though, I would spend a day (or 2, or 7) at grandma and grandpa’s playing baseball with my friends all day.

But the best days were always the one’s when someone’s parent’s offered to take us up to Russell’s Barbeque; a BBQ joint that was established in 1930 and looks the same today as it did all those years ago.

The smokestack chimney, adorned with neon letters that spell out RUSSELL’S, stretches high into the sky.

The wooden booths are accented by the paneling on the walls to offer a rustic feel.

Though their very affordable menu is broad, and does include traditional fare such as burgers and hot dogs, their BBQ is what put them on the map and you’re cheating yourself if you don’t give it a try.

Pulled pork, beef, and ham sandwiches come with coleslaw, a pickle, and fries.

BBQ baby back ribs and smoked chicken are a part of their dinner platter selections.

But the sauce is what has made Russel’s the place to go for nearly 100 years.

With more a vinegar spice flavor to it, their unique sauce separates them from other BBQ places and will keep you coming back again and again.

And come back, people do!

It wouldn’t be a surprise on any given day, that you see generations of families sitting together at a table talking about the good ole days as they make new memories in the same booth where grandpa and grandma first met.

Fun Fact – Russel’s Barbeque caught the attention of Hollywood when it appeared on an episode of NBC’s Chicago P.D.

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