Caney Fork River Valley Grille


2400 Music Valley Dr
Nashville, TN 37214

My father-in-law grew up country; country as in on a farm where they raised what they ate and they ate what the raised. So, it makes sense then that he loves restaurants today that serve your old standby styles of country cookin’.

My wife and I however, are always on the lookout for something that will suit his comfort zone, but isn’t the same ole same ole for us; that’s when we came upon Caney Fork River Valley Grille.

Located in Nashville’s Music Valley area, in the shadows of the Opryland Hotel, Caney Fork’s camp-style menu includes several southern fried specialties, but stands uniquely on its own for their wide array of wild game options.

Though the typical fare of BBQ ribs, pork, steaks, and catfish are all enticing, Caney Fork practically begs you to go outside of your norm and get a little more adventurous.

Frog legs, gator tail, wild elk sliders, or a bison burger, are all options that leap off of the menu as if to say “try me, try me!”

Besides the food being unique, so is the ambience of the restaurant itself.

You half expect to see Mike Baxter (The Outdoor Man from television’s Last Man Standing) as you walk into the rustic cabin like setting surrounded by several pieces of décor that set the atmosphere in motion.

Trophy game animals are mounted on the walls and stand in several of the spaces in-between, vintage fishing lures, antiques, and a restored 1939 Dodge truck cab are just a few of the additional pieces that you will enjoy.

But as the sign outside of the building encourages, “See the live catfish” when you visit the restaurants 3,100 gallon stocked pond and waterfall.

Fun Fact – Enjoy the outstanding corn fritters before your meal, but make sure to save room for the table-top S’mores for dessert and relive your youth as you and your family huddle around the fire to roast marshmallows and create the tasty treats.




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