Sun Studio


706 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103

Everyone knows the story of Sun Studios, Sun Records, and Sam Phillips.

We’ve all heard about their “Million Dollar Quartet” - Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins.

But the only true way to experience the legend that is Sun Records, is to step inside of the hallowed walls of the famous studio on Union Avenue in Memphis.

As you gaze upon pieces of recording equipment used in the early days by Sam Phillips, you realize the shoestring budget and the incredible risk that he took when he moved from DJ to record producer.

Your tour guide unfolds the story with the utmost energy as he speaks about the group of inmates Phillips worked with who were appropriately called The Prisonaires, plays clips of the earliest Sun recordings including the first song Elvis Presley recorded when he walked in off of the streets, and teaches you about Marion Keisker, who was known as “The Secretary” but in reality was so much more than that.

But it’s when you are surrounded by photos of the legends as you stand inside of the sacred recording studio itself that the history comes to life before your eyes and ears.

The tiles you are standing on are the original tiles laid down by Sam, Marion, and a trusty carpenter as they turned the space into a recording studio; The walls are plated with the same soundproofing that they hung.

The piano is the same one that Jerry Lee banged on all of those hits.

And the X marks the spot – The exact spot where Elvis stood as he recorded.

You have heard the songs time and time again, but you haven’t heard “That’s Alright Mama,” “Great Balls of Fire,” or “Walk The Line,” until they surround you as you stand inside of the walls that they were recorded in.

Fun Fact – Make sure to arrive early and give yourself extra time to view the platinum records, royalty checks, and autographed memorabilia that line the walls of the gift shop/cafe as you wait for your tour to begin.

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