Antique Archaeology Nashville


1300 Clinton St #130
Nashville, TN 37203

Ever since I was a little kid, I could remember my papa digging for good finds; whether that meant in the trash on a Sunday night or at a flea market, yard sale, or garage sale.

He could take what looked like junk and turn it into something useful. A good example was when an apartment complex replaced all of the doors in their units and he took the old doors and created additional above shelving in his garage by laying the doors across the beams.

With that being said, it is no surprise then that American Pickers is a go to show in our household.

When Mike Wolfe opened his second Antique Archaeology store in our own backyard in 2011, it has become a fun stop on weekends for us Music City residents and the fans of the show who come from all corners of the world.

On the weekend, the line to get into the store stretches down the sidewalk in front of the old Marathon Automobile Factory in which the store is located, but it’s within the line while you wait that your fun begins.

Seeing the fans faces light up when they get out of the cars and gaze at the building that they have seen on television so many times is a true joy.

Before you know it, you and those that are in line with you are becoming friends as you chat about the show and your favorite moments.

Inside of the store are several items from Wolfe’s personal collection that he hand-picked on the show including vintage signs, games, bikes, and motorcycles.

There is plenty of merchandise to peruse through including t-shirts, housewares, hats, and mugs that all bear the Antique Archaeology logo.

There are also several items of apparel and accessories from Mike Wolfe’s American made “Two Lanes” collection on hand.

Though the store is smaller than most expect it to be, that doesn’t take away from the all-around pure joy that comes with every aspect of a visit to it.

Fun Fact – In true Nashville fashion, every weekend you can catch live music inside the store at their Pickin’ Corner.

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