Christmasland - A Tribute To One of Our Favorites



The very moment that Santa Claus fills up our television screen with his holly jolly wave as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade comes to a close, we feel the Christmas spirit beginning to slip into our hearts.

Our radio dials shift over to those stations that play Christmas music 24/7.

We map out our weekend plans to see the lights; and while our area has plenty of displays that we set out to see that are massive and/or dance to the music, my family liked to keep it simple with a trip to Christmasland.

This family tradition was a staple in Lebanon, TN for 15 years.

The Bowen family turned their yard (front and back) into a drive-thru wonderland that went on as far as the eyes can see.

The Bowens happily greeted their visitors with a wave and a smile from their back door as you rolled down their drive way into the backyard with candy canes lining your path.

Lighted toy soldiers and snowmen littered the yard.

Displays of reindeer’s froliced amongst pine trees.

Several different blow mold Santa’s were spread throughout the display, whether he's dumping gifts onto the lawn out of the back of his truck or riding his sleigh up the fence as he yells out Merry Christmas.

But no matter where you turned, a subtle point was being made through the several nativity scenes on display.

As stated on the welcome sign that greeted you, the family hopes that while you enjoy their full display you also feel the spirit of the Lord as He is what Christmas is all about; a “Keep Christ in Christmas” calling that Bowen, a minister, felt he needed to use his display to achieve.

Christmasland announced that they were shutting down for good due to personal reasons and sickness in their family in 2017, but we wanted to pay tribute to them as our way of saying thank you for giving our family, and the community, so many smiles and so much joy over the years.  


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