Alfie's Inn


425 Roosevelt Rd
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

If you are anything like us, then one major aspect of what defines the word “country” is an everybody knows everybody type of community feel.

When I was in my early 20’s and living in the suburbs of Chicago, those types of places were hard to come by for me and my 20-something year old friends.

We didn’t have much money, but wanted to have an affordable place to go where we could chill out and hang as long as we wanted too; kind of our version of Cheers.

That place for us, as for many others, is Alfie’s Inn.

Since 1967, they have been a go-to staple for families in Chicago’s Northwest Suburb of Glen Ellyn with their community approach and medieval era theme.

A suit of armor immediately greets you as you walk in the door.

The stone and brick walls are covered with crests and shields.

Candles line the windowsills.

But it’s their burgers that have truly put this place on the map for over 50 years.

With several different burger options on their menu, there is a little something for everyone from the simple and familiar Loin Burger, to a Bleu Cheese Burger, Mushroom Swiss Burger, Avocado Bacon Tomato Burger, or Amigo Burger which is covered in Sautéed Jalapeno Peppers and Onions.

But, if you aren’t in the mood for a burger, Alfie’s Inn offers plenty of variety on their menu from incredible Baby Back Ribs, to Steaks, Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Wings, Fish and Chips, Pork Chops, and lo-carb options for those looking for something a little healthier.

We always started our meals off with a double appetizer order of Potato Skins and Deep-Fried Mushrooms, which to this day still land on the top of my list as my all-time favorite fried mushrooms.

Though Alfie’s Inn offers a patio during the warmer weather months, nothing can top visiting during the colder Chicago winter season and sitting cozily alongside of their fireplace.

Fun Fact – Though we were in our early 20’s when we visited, Alfie’s Inn strives to make their establishment a perfect environment for children as well by tying balloons to their chairs as they dine, offering free suckers (lollipops) at the register, and giving them a souvenir cup to take home with them.

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