The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum


461 Brookside Village Way
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Our annual trips to the Smoky Mountains have taken us to all the must-see stops including The Christmas Place, Ole Smoky, Ripley’s many attractions, Fannie Farkles, The Hollywood Wax Museum, and so much more.

But for some reason, no matter how hard we tried to get to it, we always ran out of time to visit the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum; that is until our Honeymoon.

We said that no matter what else we venture out to see, on this trip we are going to the Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum and we weren’t disappointed.

The idea in and of itself is quite quirky which left us not knowing what to expect from it, but we knew that we had to see it.

Located in Winery Square, half mile off the main strip near stop light number 3, Andrea Ludden and her family invite you into her massive private collection of over 20,000 salt and pepper shakers.

Glass cases line every wall in the building and are full to the max, but are also very organized in their presentations.

Similar shakers are placed together,

There are those that are shaped like veggies, chickens, or bears.

There are those featuring the logos of Coca-Cola, Nasa, McDonald’s, and those featuring famous Disney and television characters; including a great tribute to I Love Lucy.

Several souvenir shakers from different states, countries, and presidential campaigns are part of this collection as well.

The museum serves major purposes that we would never think about ourselves, until we look at them from the founder’s perspective.

These are pieces of unique, and often irreplaceable, artwork.

The collection dates all the way back to the most primitive era of the 1500’s, and then proceeds to take you on a journey through the design changes, the variety, and the creativity that comes with creating these miniature gems.

Like visiting “the second world’s largest ball on twine,” adding a visit to this museum certainly sounds like something that you’d expect to hear Clark W. Griswold tell his family they were going to visit, but believe us when we say that you’ll be so glad that you did

At the end of your journey through the museum, you come across large maps on the wall where you are encouraged to put a push pin into the place you are visiting from as you leave your mark on this wonderful museum.

Fun Fact - Think you’ve seen everything? You haven’t even scratched the surface. In talking with one of the front desk folks at the museum, we learned that Ludden has several garages still full of salt-n-pepper shakers (around 20K more) that haven’t made it to the museum just yet.

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