The Basement Bar - Special Contribution By Country Artist Jon Wolfe


Special Contribution written by country artist Jon Wolfe –

The Basement Bar
105 West Exchange Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76164

As a country singer, I spend a lot of my time in and out of honky-tonks. Whether I’m grabbing a cold Shiner beer or performing for fans I just love the glow of those neon lights.

Fort Worth is where I think the West truly begins. Whenever I wander the brick-lined streets of the Stockyards I feel like I am going back in time. I mean this place still does cattle drives downtown and you can watch barrel racers warming up their horses outside the Coliseum.

My “must-go” place in Fort Worth, Texas is definitely the Basement Bar located in the historic Stockyards.

The Basement Bar, also known as the “world’s smallest honky-tonk” is open seven nights a week and is actually underground! All you gotta do is following the neon arrows.

If you are looking for the real western experience take a trip to Fort Worth, Texas and the Basement Bar might just be your best bet.


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