Norco, CA - Special Contribution By Country Artist Liz Anne Hill


(Contributed by Country Artist Liz Anne Hill)

When people think of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, they usually think of Hollywood, Disneyland, and the beach. However, few would expect that less than 50 miles from downtown LA is a town that proudly boasts the reputation of "Horsetown, USA". The town of Norco takes horses and their tie with western heritage seriously, even requiring in its city ordinances that all structures appear "rural, informal, traditional, rustic, low-profile and equestrian oriented.” For horse lovers or fans of western heritage, a visit to Norco is a must-do while in Southern California.

The entire city is laced with horse trails along the roads, and it's quite common to see residents choose riding horses over driving cars as their preferred way to get around town. On the main thoroughfare, 6th Street, not only can you ride your horse to Boot Barn, Rite Aid, one of many saloons and churches on the main drag, (all of which boast a quaint, western theme), but you'll be sure to find a corral or hitching post to tie up your trusty steed while you shop, drink, or stop in for Sunday service.

One of my frequent hangs in Norco is "Thrifty Horse", a used tack consignment store. Horseback riders from all over SoCal bring English and Western saddles, bridles, riding apparel, decor, and more to consign, and the selection is always changing. I've shopped there since I was a little girl learning to ride. My all-time favorite find was a beautiful Bonna Allen western saddle from the 50's that was my horse Cairo's first saddle.

Next door to "Thrifty Horse" is a massive Boot Barn with a selection fitting to a place that calls itself "Horsetown, USA". On the same block is a casual restaurant called "Rodeo Burger". As the name suggests, they have great burgers and sandwiches, but my personal favorite are the onion rings! Portions are generous, so come hungry!

Norco is worth the visit year-round, but during Rodeos, or special events like the Norco Fair, you can expect parades, dances, pageants, exhibitions and competitions, cowboy shows, concerts, poker tournaments, and just about anything else western and fun you might imagine. If you're planning a trip to Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego, plan a day to saddle up the rental car and make your way to Norco, CA. You'll be glad you did.

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