My Hometown Book Reviews

My Hometown Book Reviews

"What a wonderful read! Brings back such wonderful memories and paints such a beautiful picture of life!!" - Stacy House Huffman


"When I was reading My Hometown, I felt like I was back living in the small-town of Kirvin, TX with the friendly people, the open door policy, the generosity of meals. It just rang so very true!" - Karen Puckett Steenson (NILD Teacher)


“This is like being in Mayberry with Andy and Opie and watching The Wonder Years with them.”


“The childhood baseball stories gives me the same feels I get from watching The Sandlot.”


“If you like the stories of Lake Wobegon, then you’ll love visiting “Nowheresville, USA” in My Hometown.”


“This book is chalked full of the nostalgia that takes you back and makes you reminisce, but the author is smart enough to use it as a “how-to” message for changing the here and now!”


“True country music fans rejoice! Jeffrey Kurtis (author of My Hometown) mentions several of the greats in his nostalgic stories: Marty Robbins, George Jones, Jessi Colter, Dolly, Willie, Cash, and more! He also gives several nods to bluegrass, rock-n-roll, and Skynyrd.”


“How fun is it that Kurtis (author of My Hometown) has included some hometown recipes? Just when I thought, I really want to go to Millie’s Diner for their Friday night chicken and taters special, BAM! The recipe at the end of the chapter let me give it a try.”


“It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, Kurtis hits the mark on your generation with his stories of going bowling, to the drive-in movies, playing a pinball machine featuring characters from The Simpsons, hometown heroes during Operation Desert Storm, and more.”


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