My Hometown

My Hometown

The Chicken Invasion of 89

When my family pulled into the parking lot at Kohl’s we were greeted by a most unlikely source; a rooster.

He strode around the parking lot of the department store with his chest puffed out, marching up and down the sidewalk and between parking spaces. People took pictures and posted them to community pages on social media.

But this one rooster walking around a parking lot, as obscure as it is to see, is nothing compared to what is referred to in my hometown as “The Chicken Invasion of 89.”

The day wasn’t unlike any other summer day.

The morning sun shined brightly over our square; the shop owners sweeping the sidewalks in front of their stores to get ready for the day ahead.

Mrs. Johnson, the lady who ran the bakery noticed it first, but thought that she might just be tired and after wiping her eyes went back inside her shop to begin making goodies for the day.

Frank the Barber saw it, promptly ignored it as if it was an everyday thing, and went about getting his combs and scissors ready for a day of cutting hair.

But it couldn’t be ignored by Mr. Morris.

With at least two dozen of his chickens loose on the main road into town, Mr. Morris tried his best to sneak up on them and lure them back to his farm.

His chickens had flown the coop.

As he walked up behind them as they marched towards the square, he must have startled them because they took off running; and chickens move quick.

Mr. Morris chased after them, but try as he might, he wouldn’t be catching these speed demons anytime soon.

They made it to the end of the block, moved into the square, and like something straight out of Nascar, the chickens began to run around our square with Mr. Morris in hot pursuit – Lap 1, Lap 7, Lap 10…..

Every business in the square halted on that day; partially because no one could get to their stores, but more so to watch the race; if there was a place to do it, I am certain bets would have been placed.

It wasn’t until later that night that Mr. Morris had managed to finally gather up all of his chickens and put them safely back in their cages at his farm.

To celebrate the victory that ended the chicken invasion of 89, Millie’s Diner invited everyone over that night for all you can eat…. Fried Chicken!

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