My Hometown

My Hometown

The Parade of Light

Who doesn’t love a parade?

Fire trucks hit their sirens as they kick it all off.

The mayor waves to his townspeople from the back of a classic car.

The girl voted Miss “INSERT SMALL TOWN NAME HERE,” adorned in her tiara and fancy dress travels in style in a cherry red convertible.

Local businesses create floats to advertise their establishments.

The school’s marching band performs.

And the candy, what kid doesn’t love the candy that gets thrown at them from a guy or gal dressed as a clown.

But no one will ever forget what is commonly referred to as “The Parade of Light” in my hometown.

When the city installed our one flashing red light in the center of town, the mayor planned what he dubbed as a “major celebration.”

The square was packed with people to watch the mayor and his office staff proudly stroll down the street from their offices to the new traffic light, where he would turn it on for the first time.

The mayor painted red circles on his cheeks (supposedly to be like a clown) and tossed candy to us kids.

But while there were no fire trucks, no floats, or marching bands, there were certainly fireworks!

It turns out that those red circles on our mayor’s cheeks were painted on with his wife’s favorite lipstick and she was none too happy about it.

She gave him his moment in the sun. He gave his speech, flipped on the light, and was met with half-hearted cheers from the townspeople when it started to flash its glowing red.

And then she hit him with her handbag. Then again! AND AGAIN!

As she walked away she threw the tube of worn out lipstick at him and shouted, “I told you not to use my favorite lipstick!”


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