My Hometown

My Hometown

Sense of Adventure

“Why do all of your suggestions play it safe,” the boss asked a fellow co-worker during a brainstorming meeting this week, “what happened to your sense of adventure?”

In an instant, I was back in Sherwood Forest; well okay, maybe not Sherwood Forest, but to my Merry Men (Jimmy, Bobby, and Goo) and I that’s exactly where we were.

We had just watched the 1938 Errol Flynn classic The Adventures of Robin Hood in school that week and we set out that weekend as Robin and his band of Merry Men.

I, Robin Hood.

Goo, Will Scarlet.

Bobby, Little John.

Jimmy, Friar Tuck.

On our bikes (horses), with old wooden broomstick handles (swords) at our side, we ascended on Sherwood Forest, which was aka a gathering of trees that sat alongside the river in the heart of town.

Walking along the path, careful not to step on any sticks and become noticeable, we treaded through the forest with our swords in hand looking for the enemy.

We spent all morning make believing we were in the heart of an adventure.

With a string we found on the ground, Little John became a fisherman when he tied it to the end of his broomstick and sat along the river’s edge with it floating on the water; his sword – now a fishing pole.

When a group of deer went by, Will Scarlet chased after them and shot his imaginary bow missing by only a slight margin.

Friar Tuck created an imaginary campfire for us to gather round when he piled up rocks in a circle and rubbed two sticks together.

And I, Robin Hood, made the toughest decisions of the whole day like – it’s getting to be lunch time, let’s get outta here and go to the hot dog stand.

We pushed open the door to the hot dog stand at the corner of the square, alerting the owner that customers had arrived when the bell attached to the door rang out.

He strode to the counter, looked at the 4 of us and asked, “So what will Robin and his Merry Men have for lunch today?”

Word musta spread quickly about our adventure!

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