My Hometown

My Hometown

The Drive-In Movies

While watching the news this morning as I was getting ready for work, they did a quick piece on the drive-in movie theatre that sat on the far outskirts of my hometown.

After all of these year’s in operation, the owner had grown older and would be retiring and this upcoming weekend would be the final chance to catch a flick under the stars.

As I buttoned up my perfectly ironed shirt and tied my necktie, I reminisced back to the first trip that my family and I took to the drive-in.

We pulled alongside the wooden fence to the admission booth; the screen standing proudly above us in all its glory.

As we pulled around the fence and to the front side of the screen an entirely new, and fantastic world, spread out before our very eyes.

Teenagers tossed a football to one another in the rows between the parked cars.

Grills were poppin’ as the aromas of hot dogs and burgers filled the air.

Rock-n-roll music played on the speakers before the movie; all of the greats - Elvis, The Beach Boys, Dave Clark Five, and more!

Mom walked my sister and I to the park underneath the screen so that we could play before the picture started.

And then the magic began.

Dad hung the speaker on the car window and the movie sprang to life on the huge screen.

My sister and I hid our eyes behind our hand if the scene looked like it might be scary; of course, we looked between our fingers like all kids do just so we wouldn’t miss anything.

Though we packed our own snacks, a trip to the concession stand was in the cards.

My sister went straight for an ice cream cone; the summer heat melting it faster than she could eat it as it dripped down her arm.

I had popcorn, loaded with salty buttery goodness; Like all kids do, I forgot napkins but the back of dad’s car seat worked just fine for my buttery hands.

At intermission, we watched cartoons dance on the screen and we all cheered when the hot dog finally jumped into the bun.

I couldn’t tell you what movies my family and I saw that night, but will never forget how hard mom laughed when dad pulled away at the end of the second flick and forgot that the speaker was still on the window.


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