My Hometown

My Hometown

Alabama Passing Through

Stuck in traffic on my way home from work today, I was just about at my boiling point and headed towards a road rage episode when “Dixieland Delight” came on the radio and brought a smile to my face.

There was no bigger country group in the 1980’s than Alabama, and while it is true that everyone is famous in a small town, that doesn’t stop us from gushing over the truly famous when they pass through; something that has only happened this one time in my life.

It was during Alabama’s 40-Hour Week Tour in 1985 on a day that wasn’t unlike the one before it, or the one before that.

Into our square pulled a massive tour bus that must of took up the entire block when it parked in front of Millie’s Diner.

On the side of the bus were the faces of Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, and Teddy Gentry with the words “Dixieland Delight” written in red cursive underneath them and their famous logo above.

Everyone watched from afar; not entirely certain what do to when the superstar group emerged.

No one saw them get off the bus, no one witnessed them walk into Millie’s, but we all knew they were in there because Millie drew the curtains closed on the windows, locked the door, and turned her open sign around so it read “closed.”

Alabama was in my hometown.

Alabama was eating a private meal at Millie’s Diner.

Since that day, Millie has told and retold the story of the Hall of Fame group coming to her diner to eat and always brags about how much they loved her food.

Millie is definitely famous in our town.

Although her fame is partially because no one has ever had the heart to tell her that the menu she has framed and hanging by her register signed by “The Alabama Crew,” is actually adorned with the names Billy, Bob, and Joe - the group’s road crew.


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