My Hometown

My Hometown

The 1955 Buick

I’ll never forget the day that my neighbor Mike pulled into his driveway in his 1955 Buick; a two-door, two-tone blue, definition of a fixer upper.

Mike was always a car guy with an appreciation for the classics, and he always said that one day he was going to restore one; that day had come.

Jimmy, Bobby, Goo, and I marveled at his masterpiece coming together piece by piece all summer long.

He showed us the glass container under the hood that was used for the windshield wiper fuel.

He showed us how the windows were one solid piece of glass without a divider as he rolled them down to show us that the entire side was wide opened; great for putting your hand out the window and surfing it on the wind.

Little by little, from April until August, Mike worked on that car.

The headlights were replaced and new bulbs were put in which made them proudly shine bright again.

He put a brand new set of whitewall tires on her.

More and more people started coming by his driveway to check out the progress of the car; mostly men who would inevitably start reminiscing about back in the day when they drove a similar car and made out in it at the drive-in.

Mike and his 55 Buick had become the talk of the town that summer, so when he rolled the polished beauty out of his garage and to the end of his drive way for the first time, it was quite the event.

The mayor, the shop owners, kids and their parents – they were all there to clap-a-long with excitement as the car made its first public appearance.

Even a bird was excited to see it roll out to the end of the driveway; so excited that when it flew by…..


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