My Hometown

My Hometown

Thanksgiving Traditions

Every family has traditions that surrounds the Thanksgiving holiday, but the common thread is that they always involve food. If you’re invited over to someone’s house for the November holiday as a guest, then you’ll most likely be bringing a side dish with ya. If you’re hosting, then the kitchen counters are stacked with food and mom is stressing about whether she has enough room in the oven for all that she still needs to get done. The latter was my house growing up.

Mom and dad always invited both sides of the family over to our house, and as was the norm for mom, she’d tell them not to bring anything, but then she’d proceed to stress all day long.

Dad and I knew better than to get in her way during these stress-filled moments and we did our best to disappear. If she forgot to pick something up at the grocery, then we were on top of it for her. If she needed an extra crockpot that we had stored somewhere in the garage, then we were the men for the job of trying to locate it and take it down from its shelf.

When my grandparents arrived, it was always much earlier than they were supposed to be there because grandma wasn’t going to be told that she couldn’t lend a hand.

Grandpa, like Dad and I, made it his job to disappear and stay out of the way.

In true Thanksgiving fashion, though, by the time the meal was served everything was perfect and we chowed down like we had never eaten before.

Me, my dad, and my grandfather’s all disappeared into the family room after we finished eating; dad and his father, both with their belts already unbuckled, and my maternal grandfather not far behind them.

Dad and grandpa (his dad) situation themselves on each end of the couch, slowly slouching further down in it. Grandpa (mom’s dad) propped his feet up and leaned back in the Laz-E-Boy chair, taking his glasses off and putting them on the side table next to him. I spread out on the carpeted floor in front of the television, with a throw pillow from the couch underneath my head.

Our eyes got heavy quickly, and next thing ya knew, it was Friday morning and all that remained of Thanksgiving were the leftovers.

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