My Hometown

My Hometown

The Biggest Snowfall

Snow was a very rare thing in my neck of the woods.

So rare in fact, that when the weatherman would say that snow was possible, the store shelves emptied of bread, milk, and eggs and all of the school’s closed for what we would always refer to as “no snow, snow days” since the winds always shifted and the snow missed us by a country mile.

But as I sit in the Denver airport (on another business trip), I watch the snow falling rapidly outside of the window in what I can only assume is the white stuff’s best effort to turn my already delayed flight into a cancelled one at any moment.

I can’t help but smile though, as I remember that one year, that one awesome year, that we got an actual snowfall in my hometown.

The winter had been very mild up to that point and “White Christmas” was only a movie my dad and mom watched, and not a dream that could possibly come true.

But then it happened.

The weatherman hadn’t even called for it on the 6 o’clock news.

One snowflake, then two, then ten – it had started to snow outside of our windows.

Cars flew up our street; no doubt heading to the market before it got too bad outside.

Jimmy, Bobby, Goo, and I all ran outside to catch the snow on our tongues as it fell; our moms chasing us with our jackets, gloves, and stocking hats.

At some point a football was brought out and we relived all the moments that we had seen on TV when we were lucky enough to get a Green Bay game in December as the game of the week.

The snow didn’t stop falling until the next morning around 10AM.

We all looked out our front windows that next day in wonderment at the white landscape that sprawled out in front of us.

The kids let out a rousing cheer when the news said that our school was closed and we immediately rushed outside to build snowmen and make snow angels.

Mom, being the caretaker type that she is, filled our house with the smells of cinnamon and apples as she began to bake pies for everyone that was shut in that day.

And the dad’s, well it didn’t take them too long to become children again as they introduced us to the art of a snowball fight.

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