My Hometown

My Hometown

My First Taste of Coffee

It seems that every day my alarm clock goes off too early and I fight it as much as possible.

I hit the snooze button, but who am I kidding? The alarm wins every ten minutes and we re-start the tug-of-war match between get up now and five more minutes.

But, when I finally get downstairs and take that first sip of coffee in the morning, I remember the one good thing about getting up before the sun.

Coffee has certainly become a part of my morning diet these days, but I can still taste that first memory of like it was yesterday.

While most of the guys learned to drink coffee from their dad’s or grandpa’s, I always opted for a glass of apple juice instead.

It wasn’t until one Saturday, when grandma was looking after my sister and I, that the first taste of the magical bean touched my lips.

Not one to ever cancel her routine Saturday morning hair appointment, this simply meant that we would be going with grandma to Betty’s Hair Place.

Betty’s wasn’t anything like what you see today; fast food haircut places where you are in and out in just a few minutes.

No, Betty’s was the typical hair salon for the older generation of women.

They would gather there every weekend to get their hair done ahead of Sunday’s church service and would share all of the town’s gossip as they sat under the hair dryers with curlers in their hair; they always looked like spacemen to me.

And that’s when it happened.

There are only so many things that a boy could do at a hair salon before he gets bored.

I read Highlights magazine twice over.

I flipped through the hair books with all the different styles (not interested).

With grandma under the hair dryer and not able to stop me from doing it, I reached for her Styrofoam cup and took a sip; then promptly looked for somewhere to spit it out.

My sister, the hair dresser, & all of the senior ladies laughed as they saw the look of disgust on my face.

Grandma only looked at me with that “what’s wrong with you child” look on her face as she said to me, “Well, now you know why not to grab things that aren’t yours!”


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