My Hometown

My Hometown

Mrs. Molly On The Price Is Right

Miranda Lambert’s song “Famous In A Small Town” started playing on my Spotify station while I plugged away at my current assignment at work and it made me stop in my tracks.

She sings of all those little things that make someone famous in their little town such as cheering at the high school football game, shooting the first buck of the season, etc.

But Mrs. Molly is the definition of famous in my small town.

It wasn’t too often that someone from our little town had a brush with fame, but whenever they did it made the front page of the local paper, was the talk of the town, and even had the preacher talking about it during Sunday morning service.

And there she was gracing the paper as my dad read it on Sunday morning at the breakfast table; Mrs. Molly standing next to Bob Barker as she spun the big wheel on The Price Is Right.

Last week when the show aired on television, Mrs. Molly became an instant celebrity.

She told and retold the story of being on the show to the newspaper, her neighbors, and anyone within an earshot who was willing to listen.

We heard about the palm trees that lined the streets in California.

She talked about the fancy cars and glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

And Bob, oh Bob Barker; she would go on about him for hours and hours if you didn’t stop her.

The cologne he wore, the way he looked so good in his suit, and on, and on, and on…….

She had a major crush on Bob Barker.

Never mind the fact the she guessed right on the price of spam; a true definition of a small town lady.

Forget the fact that she didn’t even come close to making it in the showcase showdown.

Nope, Mrs. Molly was the talk of our town for weeks because she got a hug from Bob Barker.

To this day, several locals will still refer to her as “Barker’s Huggin’ Partner!”


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