My Hometown

My Hometown

Valentine’s Day in Miss Darling’s Class

Valentine’s Day has changed so much over the years, especially for kids, as several schools are no longer allowing them to celebrate anymore.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Back when I was in third grade, Miss Darling was our teacher and all of the boys had a crush on her which made Valentine’s Day take a whole lot of planning and give us young boys major anxiety.

Major decisions such as which Valentine would satisfy my friends so I didn’t get picked on for being too girly, but would also be perfect for Miss Darling is what clouded the majority of my thoughts.

G.I. Joe was far too manly for her.

The Garbage Pail Kids were just too gross for such a classy woman.

Of course there were the cartoon options that everyone would most likely go for; Flintstones, Peanuts, or Ziggy.

So when my mom came home from shopping the day before Valentine’s Day with a package of Disney cards for me to give out, I was less than enthused.

After dinner we sat at the table, I picked them out while mom filled them out for everyone in my class.

“You shake me up” with Uncle Scrooge on it went to my good friend Jimmy.

“Be My Pal” featuring Huey, Dewey, and Lewie was reserved for Bobby.

Goo got the one with Daisy on it that said, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” no clue why he always liked Daisy, but he did and we just accepted it.

By the time we were getting around to Miss Darling’s card there wasn’t too many left to choose from.

I was as stressed as a 3rd grader with a crush on his teacher could be when I went to bed that night, hoping that I had found the perfect Valentine for her.

When she opened mine the next day and said “Yes, I will be,” I cheesed with a smile as wide as Texas; never mind the fact that she said something similar to everyone in class.

So what was the perfect card for Miss Darling that made her say those magical words that got my heart beating a little faster?

Pinocchio walking with his pal Jiminy Cricket that said, “Wooden You Be My Valentine!”


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