My Hometown

My Hometown

The Public Pool

It’s funny how sometimes life can truly imitate a movie.

For Jimmy, Bobby, Goo, and I, that movie is The Sandlot; the 1993 film that follows a group of boyhood friends all summer long as they play baseball, get into crazy adventures, and build a strong bond through it all.

But one scene in particular seemed to be ripped right out of the pages of our life; the pool scene when Squints jumps off the diving board and fakes drowning, just to get a kiss from the hot lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn.

Like Squints, Goo had a crush on one of the teenage lifeguards at the public pool.

He knew that she had a boyfriend; didn’t care.

He knew that her boyfriend was known as a tough guy and would probably beat him up for stealing a kiss from his girl; no problem.

Ever since seeing The Sandlot, Goo talked about doing something like Squints did. You could see the wheels in his head spinning as he tried to hatch the perfect plan to make it happen.

Then one fateful summer day as we sat in the concession area during the normal half hour break during the public swim, Goo began to choke on a banana Laffy Taffy.

We all knew what he was doing and did our parts.

Bobby and Jimmy jumped up and started screaming for help.

I ran over to the lifeguard as Goo tumbled off of the bench to the cement ground; landing perfectly on his back ready for his kiss.

We couldn’t believe it, but every part of his plan had lined up perfectly.

But as I would find out from the lifeguard, she had no CPR training and couldn’t help him.

We both turned around in slow motion when we heard Goo’s screams coming from behind us.

His legs were kicking and his arms were flailing, as the old lady that worked behind the concession stand counter was pressing her mouth to his.

The only thing that Goo hadn’t thought about with his whole plan is what sent it crashing down.

Who actually had CPR training? Because as we would later find out, the concession stand lady was the only member of the staff that did.


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