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Pinch & Dash

Chicken Noodle Soup

This is my go to recipe when someone is sick, or on those rare occasions when we get snowed/iced in. I remember that my momma always made me chicken noodle soup when I was little and I make it for my family today. This is just one of those soups that no matter how many times you eat it; you can never get tired of it. Also, I have found that in addition to helping with colds, this soup also helps mend the heart of a little girl who didn’t get asked to the dance.

I usually make a stockpot full of this soup and either share or freeze any leftovers.

What you’ll need:

Chicken of your choice – I like to use a whole chicken that has been cut up
Carrots - cut in bite size pieces
Celery – cut in bite size pieces
Chicken stock
Onion – cut in bite size pieces
2 tablespoons of butter
Egg noodles
2-3 bay leaves
Salt and pepper

How to get your cooking on:

*I will cook my chicken in the crockpot if I have time to plan for this dish, using the chicken, chicken stock, bay leaves, and salt and pepper. If not, I cook all of the chicken in my stockpot with water, chicken stock, bay leaves, and salt and pepper until done.

Remove chicken from liquid and let cook so you can pull off of the bone - put chicken aside If you used the crockpot, pour the liquid into your stockpot – Add more water and/or chicken stock to make sure there is plenty of broth *you may need to add more liquid during the cooking stage, just remember to add more seasoning if needed.

Heat liquid back up to hot, just under a boil

Put vegetables in your stockpot along with salt and pepper and cook until vegetables are tender

Reduce heat to medium-low

Add noodles, chicken, and butter

Once the noodles are done, then your soup should be good to go!


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