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Unique Kentucky BBQ – Special Contribution By Paul Priest of Jericho Woods


(Contributed by Paul Priest of Jericho Woods)

In my part of the Commonwealth, BBQ is a big tradition. We have our own style of BBQ that evolved from slaves that came out of the Carolinas in the early 1800's. These traditions were then pickup up by Catholic settlers, and this style of BBQ is still cooked at a handful of restaurants and church picnics. I chose BBQ mutton (sheep) because it's one of our most unique Kentucky dishes.

Buy a leg of lamb (or's GOOD!), or a couple sheep roast.
Rub down with salt and black pepper
Smoke on a wood, or gas smoker, just like you would a Boston butt (I prefer Hickory logs or chips)
Mop the meat every hour with what we call "cooking dip".
NOTE: If you have a traditional BBQ pit, that's even better, but few use those anymore.

Cooking dip: In a huge metal stockpot that can be over a fire or outdoor gas burner:
1 gallon apple cider vinegar
1 gallon water
1 half gallon Worcestershire sauce
1 handful black pepper
1 handful pickling or allspice
1 lb. salted butter
1/2 handful of salt.
1 handful of brown sugar
Bring to a boil
Mop meat with "dip" until it's finished cooking.

Pull and chop mutton like you would pork.
Serve on hamburger buns or light bread with more "dip" sauce.
Dress sandwiches with pickles and onions (it's a must).
Now THAT'S some REAL Western KY BBQ!


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