Pinch & Dash

Pinch & Dash

Crockpot Pasta & Meatballs

Thanks to my husband having a wonderful Italian grandfather, he’s always had a serious love for meatballs. It doesn’t matter if they are in a pasta dish, on a sandwich, or if he’s just eating a bowl of them, he loves ‘em! So on my never ending search for recipes to try I ran across an easy dish for pasta & meatballs done in the crockpot. I wasn’t so sure about adding dry pasta at first, but the results shut down any doubts I had.

What you’ll need:

Large crockpot
1 box of beef stock
1 large jar of pasta sauce (I like to use Prego 45 ounces)
Italian seasoning
Frozen meatballs (the kind I buy has 12 large meatballs in the pack)
1 box of pasta (we’ve used all different shapes and sizes)
Salt & Pepper

How to get your cooking on:

Add beef stock and pasta sauce to your crockpot
Add seasoning, salt & pepper to taste
Add in frozen meatballs
Cook on low until meatballs are cooked through (we usually let ours go for about 6 hours, but it has gone as long as 9 without any issues. I just added a little extra water or stock if I plan on it going longer) For the last 35-40 minutes of cooking, add in your pasta.
That’s it! It’s easy and yummy, which as always winners in my house.


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