Pinch & Dash

Pinch & Dash

Simple Beef Stew

What is it about winter and cold weather that makes you want to hunker down, make something hot to eat, and watch Hallmark movies? While I have a scrumptious recipe for homemade beef stew that was passed down to me, sometimes you want to reap the rewards without putting in as much effort! This recipe is a throw together crockpot of greatness that will not only make your house smell good, but will go great with just about any Hallmark movie!

What you’ll need:

Large crockpot
6-8 russet potatoes, washed and cut in large chunks
1-2 large onion, cut in large chunks (depending on how much you like onions)
2 bags of baby carrots, washed
2 packs of store bought, already cooked, beef tips in brown gravy
1 large beef stock
2 packs of brown gravy mix
1 stick of butter
Salt & Pepper

How to get your cooking on:

Add potatoes, onions, and carrots to your crockpot
Add gravy mix, stock and salt & pepper
Add stick of butter on top
Cook on low until vegetables are just about done – usually around 5 hours or so
Add beef tips, with packaged gravy
Cook for another hour, or until heated all the way through

We like to pair this with a cast iron skillet of buttermilk cornbread for a treat that will fill your tummy and warm you from your head to your toes.

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