Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

My Grandmother’s Apron

Any time I think about my grandmother there are certain things that come to mind. First would be her smile. She always had such a kind, genuine, and loving smile. Next would be her cooking, because let’s just be honest; She was hands down one of the best cooks in my world. Then her hugs, which always brings a tear to my eye, because boy do I miss her hugs. She would give the biggest and best hugs and no matter how upset my little heart would be, those hugs would almost instantly set my world back to right. Lastly, and no less important, would be her apron. She had a couple of handmade aprons that, with the exception of going to church on Sunday mornings, seemed like she always wore.

That simple apron was more of a multiuse tool than anything I may have in my kitchen today. Granny Nell would use it to dry her hands after washing dishes, to protect her dress while she was cooking, to wipe tears from the cheeks of her granddaughters (especially her favorite), and I’ve even seen her swat it at the behind of a grandson or four.

As I was finishing up dishes a couple of years ago and I was reaching for my kitchen towel to dry my hands off and it hit me…why am I not using an apron? I seem to always have two or three kitchen towels that are never handy and there are very few times that I make it through cooking without getting a splatter of something on either my pants, my top, or both.

I have my grandmother’s aprons in my hope chest, but with them being more delicate due to age I just couldn’t talk myself into using them in fear of something happening to them. So I started my search for my very own apron. If you have ever been shopping for an apron, then you know how many options there are out there. You have these fancy designer ones that in my opinion are more for looks than functionality and there were countless “professional” aprons that looked like something my butcher would wear.

After finding a couple of different options that would work if I settled on them, but neither of them giving me the full coverage that I needed (most ladies will understand me on that), I decided to honor my grandmother and make my own just like she did. And that’s when I discovered that I have no ability to sew or make an apron, even after I tried several times.

That’s when I enlisted a sweet and crafty friend of mine to make me one. She can sew like there’s no tomorrow and is always making crafty things. She also takes homemade baked goodies as payment so it was really a win, win in my book!

I now use my apron every time I’m in the kitchen and have even forgot and wore it to the store a couple of times…much to the amusement of my husband and to the horror of my children.

Do you have any favorite apron stories?


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