Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back


Little Golden Books (like The Fuzzy Duckling), Green Eggs and Ham, and The Little Engine that Could – these books and many more were a beloved part of my childhood. My momma would read to me over and over again each night as part of our nightly routine. She would make silly sounds and character voices while she would read and I would be fascinated the entire time. One book was never enough, but as tired as she may have been, momma never complained and always gave into my request for one more story.

Each night after dinner, while daddy cleaned up the kitchen, momma would help me with my bath. We would sing songs, practice animal noises, and work on my ABC’s while we washed away the dirt from the day. After drying my hair I would get to pick out my gown or pajamas for the night and then it was on to my room.

While momma turned my bed down and arranged my stuffed animals just how I liked them, I would go over to my little bookcase and pick out the books for the night. I remember always picking out as many as my little hands could hold while momma would just shake her head at me and laugh. We would never get more than two books in, because I was never able to stay awake that long.

Those memories of momma reading to me are something that I will always treasure. They are also the reason that I have read to all of the children I have babysat over the years, my godson, and my own children. I always loved getting to see their faces when I would introduce them to new characters and new books. There’s always that innocent fascination that just can’t be beat. The phrase “you can go anywhere you want when you read a book” still rings true to this day.

It may also be the reason why I am a total bookworm to this day. Whether I’ve had a stressful day and feeling a little overwhelmed, or if the weather outside is rainy, or if I just want to revisit a few of my favorite characters, I can get lost for hours sometimes. Plus, I’m always a sucker for a good love story.

Thankfully I have a patient husband who indulges my bookworm tendencies!

What was the last book that either you read or read to your children?

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