Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

Road Trips

Road trips have always been a part of my world. It didn’t matter if it was a spur of the moment day trip or a planned trip that was going to span over a few days. The excitement of packing up the car and heading out is something that I still look forward to as an adult.

Road trips can be taken alone if you need to clear your head or heart, they can be taken with your best friend, they can be taken with your family, or they can be taken with your favorite fur companion.

There are a few necessities that, at least in my mind, are crucial to every road trip.

First, you need to have plenty of yummy snacks. A few of my personal favorites are beef jerky, red twizzlers, and animal crackers…and don’t judge me on the animal crackers.

Next, these may sound a little crazy at first but hear me out. I always pack a pack of baby wipes and all of the cash/change that is usually lying around. For the cash and change, you never know when you may need to air up a tire unexpectedly, you may run across a person who’s down and out and could use a couple of dollars, a vending machine that doesn’t’ accept cards and the store is closed, etc. For the baby wipes, that may be a little more obvious. I always keep a pack in my car for emergencies, from bathroom emergencies to food spillage emergencies.

Finally, and perhaps the most important (outside of a tank full of gas), you need plenty of great music. From the radio, to the mp3 player, and to cd’s you just have to have a good variety of music. I like to keep both of my cd cases in my car in case the need for a road trip pops up. Just think, you lose reception on your radio and your mp3 player just ran out of juice…you’ll be so thankful for the cd’s. Plus, it’s always fun to rediscover a cd that you haven’t listened to in a couple of years.

One of my favorite road trips of all time is taking a day trip and getting back to my roots. I will spend the day, and usually the night, driving out to the little country church that I grew up going to. Driving all the way out there with the windows down and getting to see all of the fields just brings a peace to my heart. I almost always get out of the car and sit on the front steps of the church and just look around and let my mind remember all of the wonderful memories from growing up here.

After I leave the church, I will take countless back roads and visit places like my grandparent’s old farm house, childhood friend’s homes, favorite old barns, etc. And just literally spend hours reconnecting and even discovering new little things here and there. When the moon is bright, the crickets are singing, and you’re driving down a country road with your windows down…that my friends is a little piece of heaven.

What is your favorite road trip?

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