Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

The Candle

The hubby and I was at one of our favorite local festivals a couple of weeks ago. We look forward to the dancing, the yummy goodies, getting to see the little ones get their faces painted, and to get to check out the little shops that set up.

We had been at the festival for a couple of hours and were taking a break from the heat to check out the baked goods and the shops set up inside. As soon as you walk in the door you’re hit with the wonderful smells of fresh baked breads and goodies that will simply make your mouth water.

Since the line for the baked goodies was a little long, we decided to look around at everything else first. There was a lady set up who made her own homemade candles. I can’t tell you how much I love burning candles at home. I think that they can add such a comforting and seasonal smell to your home.

We were going along smelling all the different ones, the hubby being drawn in by the sweeter smelling ones, while I was more drawn to the upcoming holiday smells. We were going along having each other smell ones that we really liked or even the ones that we really didn’t like and wanted to see the look on each other’s faces when we smelled it.

I found one that the name alone had caught my attention. The simple dark brown candle was named Pipe Tobacco. I was instantly intrigued since that is, and will always be, the smell that I associate with my Pa John. I picked up the candle, took a deep breath, and immediately teared up. With that one smell, I was transported back to the farm when I was a little girl and my Pa John hung the moon. He always smelled of pipe tobacco and when I would sit in his lap I would always take such deep breaths because I loved how he smelled. Even his chair smelled like him and I would sit in it when he was out working.

My sweet husband, thinking something was wrong, was a little panicked because he didn’t know the emotional journey that I was dealing with at the time. I remember looking at him with a big watery smile and telling him that the candle smelled like my Pa John. Right then I knew that was a God Wink and I was so very thankful for it.

It’s a little funny how something as simple as a smell can bring up so many memories. The way we can associate people and memories with smells, or songs, or even food is just so neat to me.

Do you have a smell that never ceases to bring up a memory or two?

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