Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back


Growing up going to a small country church has always been a special part of my childhood. It always felt like more of a family than just random people getting together to worship. You even have your interesting characters that you would expect to see in any family.

You had Ms. Sarah who lived through the depression and so she didn’t believe in throwing out anything…even food that had been prepared, frozen, re-prepared, and refrozen until it was all used up and gone. So, when you would see her signature yellow ceramic bowl of mystery filler you lovingly took a small serving and when she wasn’t looking you’d get rid of it.

You had Mr. Vernon who loved to lead the singing as the song leader each Sunday morning, but love his heart, he was tone deaf and was never able to stay on the beat of the music. The only song that he ever nailed was Amazing Grace, and that was only when we sang it without any piano music joining in. I always figured that it was his favorite song and meant the most to him so he really wanted to get it right.

Then you had Ms. Lonny who always liked to know what was going on and was happy to fill you in if you didn’t know. She always had the latest gossip and more times than not she could make pretty darn accurate predictions. Ms. Lonny even prided herself on being able to determine if a baby was going to be a boy or a girl before the official results.

All these people, and more, made vacation bible school at our church special and memorable each summer. All of us little ones would anxiously count down the days until it would start and we each had our favorite part, such as crafts, songs, the bible stories, or even the snacks.

For our VBS, Ms. Sarah brought the snacks and set them up for everyone. I will always remember how the preacher’s wife would always get the preacher to need Ms. Sarah’s help right before the snacks were to be served. While Ms. Sarah was away, she would check the snacks to see if anything needed to be replaced or added.

Mr. Vernon would pull a double duty of teaching the lessons as well as leading the music. We would always get so tickled when he would let us do the Father Abraham song and we almost always got to do it every night.

Ms. Lonny would be in charge of the crafts each night and would expertly tell us what each of us would be when we grow up. I remember every year she would tell me that I was going to do great things when I got older, but the greatest thing I was going to do was be a mother to several children. Well, Ms. Lonny was right, between our birth children, our adopted children, and all of their friends we have more children than a baseball team could use.

Thank you Ms. Lonny for predicting this part accurately…it’s been my life’s biggest blessing.

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