Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

Baby Cows

My grandparents always had so much to do on their farm when I would visit. I was a bit of a girly girl when I was little, except when I went over there. I remember momma telling me about the first time she went to pick me up after I had stayed the weekend with my grandparents. She said I was smiling from ear to ear and that I was covered from head to toe in dirt and stains. She even admitted to crying a little bit on the way home because she never thought she would be able to get me clean.

I loved getting to play with and watch all the animals, go riding on the farm ATVs with my Pa John, help my Granny Nell in her garden or around the house, and one of my most favorite things about spending time on my grandparent’s farm was being able to help bottle feed the baby cows.

I remember the bottles being big and I would have to hang on super tight so the calves didn’t pull it out of my hands when they were drinking. They would look up at me with those big innocent eyes and I would just talk to them like they knew what I was saying. I always talked to my baby dolls when I would feed them, so it just made sense to do the same to the calves. My Pa John would always stay close in case one of them would accidentally pull me down so he could come to my rescue.

After we would finish feeding all the cows, we would start cleaning up for lunch. Now, to my Pa John cleaning up meant taking an old feed sack, or something similar, to wipe all the barn mess off of our shoes. Heading back to the house, we would stop at the water spout to rinse off our hands and to get a cool drink of water.

I remember always being so proud walking back to the house with my Pa John, because I had helped him with the farming. He probably could have gotten it done a lot quicker without me, and it probably would have been a whole lot quieter, but like my Granny Nell he never complained when it came to me. He was always patient, loving, and willing to take the time to teach me.

That’s another thing the world seems to be missing these days, taking the time to teach someone something. I know it’s easier and quicker to just do it ourselves sometimes, but that’s not the point. We should be teaching others as we go which will not only help us, but will help others as well.

When is the last time you tried to teach or show someone something? Did you lose your patience when you did? Any time I lose my patience, I take a step back and realize that I need to do some learning of my own and work on my patience.

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