Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back


A few weeks ago our air conditioner went out at the house. As luck would have it, it was the dead of summer and it felt hotter than the sun outside. Apparently there were several people having this issue at the same time that we were and no matter how much sweet talkin’ I did, I couldn’t get the repair men out to check on it for a couple of days.

So we made extra sweet tea, put on the coolest clothes we had, and decided to all sleep downstairs since it was a tad bit cooler down there. After listening to my family complain about the heat almost nonstop that first night, I had a wonderful idea. Actually, I can’t take the credit for the idea…that credit goes to my grandparents.

Their farmhouse never did have heating and air. In the winter, they kept the wood stove and fireplace going and in the summer, they would raise the windows. On the hottest of nights, we would laze on the front porch in rocking chairs or the porch swing and enjoy the fresh air…even if it was still a touch too warm.

With this thought in mind, I gathered up my precious kiddos, who would not stop bickering thanks to the heat induced feisty attitudes, along with my hubby, and we headed out to the back porch. I put together make shift pallet beds and everyone sat around looking at me expectantly.

After a couple of minutes everyone started to notice the beautiful breeze that was blowing and started enjoying fresh air. We talked, laughed, and counted stars for a couple of hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I even found out that my oldest baby boy had a new love interest that his siblings ended up giving him “pointers” about, as well as getting to hear about a funny thing that happened with my hubby at work that day.

After we decided to just sleep on the porch, I laid there smiling and listening to my too grown kiddos whispering and giggling to each other. After everyone had finally dosed off and before I closed my eyes that night I did a final check on all of my kiddos, and even my husband, and sent up a thankful thought that our air went out. We actually needed that night of family togetherness outside, under the stars, enjoying the summer night breeze.


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