Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

Fall Get-Togethers

Unlike most of my family, I am just not a summer person. Grant it, I do like seeing the sunshine, getting to go to the farmers market, and seeing the kids splash around in the water...but in my opinion, you just can’t beat fall. My family teases me because I will count down to fall every summer and I get a little giddy when the air starts getting that fall chill to it.

One of my favorite things to do during the fall is to host a get together for family and friends. This is a tradition that has been a part of my world since I was little and going with my family to the houses of family and friends. Sometimes the weather would be warm and we would be able to wear short sleeve shirts, and then other times it would be so cold we would be bundled up and enjoying the heat from the bonfire.

Regardless of the weather, which the cooler the better in my opinion, there were always the staples of every get together. There were always pots of chili, a large bonfire, hot dogs, marshmallows, and roasting sticks aka wire coat hangers. Then you had the additions that you hoped would be there, like apple bobbing, square hay bells to sit on, and if we were super lucky, there would be a hayride.

There were always folks sitting around the fire to make sure the little ones didn’t get too close. It didn’t matter if the little ones belonged to their family or not, they still watched out for them. There were ladies that helped take care of the food tables to make sure there was plenty of food stocked and they also helped the men who couldn’t carry everything they wanted to their seats.

I liked the chili and getting to roast the hot dogs, but my absolute favorite part was to roast marshmallows. Sure, you could make s’mores out of them, but that wasn’t usually my thing. I just liked the plain burnt marshmallow. Actually, I still do to this day. I will hold the marshmallow in the fire until it has a flame covering it and watch as it gets dark. Just when it’s about to fall off of the stick, I would blow the fire out and proceed to carefully eat the yummiest dessert in the world.

I enjoy getting to host a fall get-together for our friends and family and have even been known to do more than one in the season.

We still have all of the staples and additions; we just have a few more people. And that in my opinion, is part of the fun. We even added a few games and activities for everyone to enjoy like horseshoes, corn hole, and pumpkin painting.

My goal for every get-together is fun and fellowship.


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