Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back


Halloween has always been one of my absolute favorite times of the year. I love the fall colors, I love the smells in the air, I love the little ones in cute costumes, and of course I love the candy! That’s not to mention all of the good times and memories surrounding the fall festivals, hayrides, bonfires, and cookouts.

When I was little, we had the little costume outfits with the plastic masks that you could either see out of or breathe out of, but rarely both. The one I remember the most was a princess costume with a pretty pink sparkly dress. My goodness, did I feel like a princess with that costume on. I do believe I even searched for a frog to kiss to be my prince that night.

At our house, daddy would usually dress up like a scarecrow and momma would usually be a ghost with a simple white sheet that she had cut eye holes out in. We had a metal front door, so we had plush Halloween magnets that decorated the door. The front porch was decorated with fake spider webs and a large light up bright orange pumpkin that had a happy face on it.

We would go to the grocery store to stock up on candy and they would always let me pick out a single bag for myself, which usually ended up being candy corn.

I remember we would have bags and bags of candy because there were so many kids that would come trick-or-treating at the house. As a family, we would go out early so I could do my own trick-or-treating and they would each have an empty pillow case that I could dump all my loot into. I would get so excited when we turned up a street and porch light after porch light would be shinning bright. Each door seemed to be opened by a person smiling from ear to ear who would hand you candy, an apple, some hard shelled nuts, or even a few pennies that had been taped together.

After I had all the loot momma and daddy were going to let me get, we would head back to the house so I could help pass out candy. I would sit by the window and watch the hayrides go by during breaks from passing out candy. You could always hear the tractors coming from up the road, along with the sounds of laughter, hoots, and hollers.

There were no trunk-or-treats (which there’s nothing wrong with), no skimpy little outfits that show off more skin than should be seen outside of a grownup’s bedroom, and no only having to go to certain houses because the others don’t have the right candy, you don’ trust them, or just pure meanness.

I truly believe that some, perhaps even most, of this can be fixed by teaching your kids, spending time with them, and getting to know your neighbors.

Now, how about telling me what your favorite costume was growing up?

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