Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

Flea Market Reminders

Hello friends! This article isn’t about any one thing specific…more about a few thoughts that I wanted to put down and share.

This weekend the hubs and I were out enjoying the day and the beautiful sunshine that we’ve been not so patiently waiting on during the last few colder months. We stopped into one of those indoor flea markets that seem to go on forever. You know the kind where you think you’ve seen all there is to see, then you turn a corner and there’s another room or two.

As we were strolling through booth after booth I was hit with so many waves of nostalgia that it was a little overwhelming for a minute or two. There were so many things that I came across that felt like someone had just plucked them right out of my childhood and put them on a table for sale.

There were toys that I remembered playing with for hours on end. The kind of toys that would in no way be considered “safe” by today’s standards. But I guess when I was little parents actually paid more attention to their children and knew that kids were going to learn one way or another. Just like I learned not to touch parts of an easy bake oven…because they were hot.

There were plates, glasses, and all sorts of kitchen containers that were staples in the homes of my momma, aunts, and other family members. One particular piece that I just had to get was an older heavy plastic Tupperware cake saver, complete with lid and handle. My goodness, if this piece had seen as many cakes as my Aunt Janice’s did then I could imagine all of the sweet stories that it could tell.

There were even crocheted doilies like my great aunt used to proudly display on tables, the back of couches, and pretty much any space she thought needed a sprucing up.

I loved getting to see all of these things, but it was also a little sad. Today it seems like so many things are disposable or easily replaceable.

What would the world be like if we stopped replacing things that didn’t need to be replaced and actually took care of what we have so it would last for years to come?


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