Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back


Think about this…when was the last time you touched someone? It could be a touch as wonderful as a hug, or a touch as simple as a pat on the back. Sadly, most people have to really think hard about this.

We get so caught up in staying connected with people and posting about every little detail of our lives, that we forget about basic human interaction. Why, you can read your daily news, watch all the latest tv shows and movies on demand, order groceries, work, buy movie tickets, and even watch your children at day care…all from the comfort of your couch.

But I have to pose this question. As great as the convenience and instant gratification can be at times, don’t you miss when things were just more simple?

When we used to have to stand in line at the theater for tickets. You would get there early, because there was a chance that the movie could sell out or that you would miss some of those coming soon attractions if you didn’t get there early enough. People would stand in line and talk about their day, their excitement over the movie, or how much extra butter they wanted on their popcorn. A favorite way of mine to pass “line time” would be to play the hand rhymes with either a friend or my sweet momma. We would try to get faster and faster each time, but would always end up giggling because we would get all tangled up.

We used to make sure that we were presentable when we went to the grocery store. Not only was it a social possibility each time you went, but we took pride in ourselves and our family. I remember playing outside all day and looking just like a wild child, but when it came time to run with my Papa into the store, my face and hands were washed and my hair was combed as much as it could be. Pajamas and clothing that shown more that it hid were never, ever an option. And it never failed, I would see a family friend and they would want to squeeze my cheeks or give me a pat on the back because I was “growing like a weed”.

We used to shake hands with the mailman when we would see him. We would hug someone when they would tell us good news, bad news, or just because we haven’t seen them in a while. We would hold hands as we would pray with someone.

And hold on to your hats folks…we would actually sit down to dinner with family and friends and actually talk to them. There were no electronic distractions that now keep us from looking someone in the eye. We had actual conversations with give and take dialogue.

In our family, we have a big rule – enjoy the moment! We even have a sign hanging in our family room that helps to remind us with different little quotes – “be fully in the moment”, “laugh out loud”, “hug someone at least once a day”, “tell folks you love them”, and “smile at a stranger” are just some of my favorites from this sign.

So with all of that being said, I’ll leave you with this – Unplug and have a conversation at the dinner table tonight. Hug your family and hug them often. Write a letter to a friend you’ve lost touch with. Try a new recipe with your kiddos. Look people in the eye when you speak with them.

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