Thinkin' Back

Thinkin' Back

Tea Party Fun

This is more than just a couple of super simple recipes. This is a look into a cherished time that I have spent with all of my children, especially my daughters. My boys mainly only ever joined in on the fun for the food and to indulge their sisters, but each time was always special.

Once a month we designated a Sunday afternoon to be our Tea Party day. We would each wear fun outfits, with special recognition going to the one who had the “neatest” costume. The girls would be decked out in their finest princess attire, complete with tiaras and things that sparkled. The boys would try to top each other to see who could wear the most pieces of clothing, the best leftover Halloween costume, who could successfully sneak one of dad’s hats, etc…

We set the table with our finest tea set pieces, which had to include real pink napkins. My sweet husband even purchased one of those tiered serving dishes just for this occasion. Bless his heart, even after that somehow, he always ended up being the server at our tea parties. He would make a fuss about not doing it each time, but as little girls are known to do, they gave him their sweetest look and that’s all it would take. He would perform the service with a flourish, and then head to the family room to check the race or to the kitchen to taste, I mean check, on the night’s dinner.

Hot tea wasn’t a big hit at our house, so we used cold sweet tea in its place. Instead of fancy finger sandwiches and petit fours, we made “nummy cookies” and cheese sandwiches. We would talk about the then important happenings around town, in our family, or at school. As our kiddos got older, one subject that never seemed to miss being brought up was how dad was more fun when picking the kids up from school because he always took them for ice cream.

We’ve always felt very strongly about encouraging creativity and imagination in our children and letting them be little. We wanted them to be active with the family and each other so they would always be close. So many children today are seemingly addicted to electronics and the like, it makes me wonder if they even know what a tea party is.

Recipe for “Nummy Cookies”

Vanilla wafers have been a staple in our house since my very first pregnancy and remained through each one. That was one craving that I had the entire time and would eat a handful each day. Our “nummy cookies” were created simply by adding a little peanut butter to the flat side of each cookie.

Recipe for Cheese Sandwiches

White sandwich bread, spread a soft cheese, add thin sliced cucumbers (without seeds) and top with another piece of bread. Flatten the sandwich out, remove the crusts, and cut in 4 triangles.

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